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The Sandman Unpacks the Implications of Desire

Being a member of The Endless is a family affair according to The Sandman's Desire (Mason Alexander Park).

Understandably for a show called The Sandman, much of Netflix‘s series adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comic is concerned with the journey of Lord of Dreams, himself. And yet, both Gaiman’s comic and Netflix’s show still have six other members of “The Endless” to portray.

Among the most interesting of The Sandman’s “siblings” is Desire, played by Mason Alexander Park. Desire is the third youngest of The Endless and the twin of Despair (naturally). Androgynous, beautiful, and cruel, Desire is perhaps the toughest Endless to fully comprehend. Why does the heart want what the heart wants? It’s up to Gaiman, Netflix, and ultimately Park to figure that out.

Den of Geek spoke with the actor (who you may know from their many theater roles, Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop, and the upcoming Quantum Leap reboot) about Desire’s role in this uniquely dysfunctional celestial family.

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