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BroadwayWorld Pansy Craze Review

By: Stephen Mosher

It would be nice to say that a wonderful cabaret show played The Green Room 42 on Saturday night. It would be nice to say that a fabulous concert was performed at The Green Room 42 on Saturday night. It would be nice to say but it wouldn't be accurate. For what occurred at The Green Room 42 Saturday night wasn't cabaret and it wasn't a concert. It was a happening. This was one of those nights that doesn't come along every day, every week, even every month... although... with Mason Alexander Park in the center spot, indeed with Mason Alexander Park in the room, maybe it is something that comes along every day. There is every chance and every evidence that wherever Mason Alexander Park is, there is a Happening.

Mx. Park is having a moment, to be sure, and wherever they go, more unsuspecting folks fall into the fold, hoping to witness even the tiniest bit of their moment. Park may be best known for leading the national tour of the Broadway production of Hedwig and The Angry Inch or for checking off historical boxes as the first non-binary actor to (fill in the blank) but even though their life as a non-binary trailblazer informs every moment of that life and of their work, that isn't what has given them this moment. That which is responsible for their success in life and in their work is two simple things that humans, all humans, either have or they don't have: talent and charisma. And when it comes to talent and charisma, Mason Alexander Park won the lottery.

The show that MAP presented on Saturday night was titled THE PANSY CRAZE and this was their first outing with the event. Opening the evening (on Gay Pride Saturday) with an appropriate tune from The Rocky Horror Show (can you guess which one?), Park yelled out in the most scrumptiously deep speaking voice, "Happy F*cking Pride!" and the completely sold-out house screamed back with love and affection. If it had been a Warner Brothers cartoon or a Peanuts TV special there would have been visible squiggle lines representing the devotion emotion that rolled up to the stage to where they stood in their flawless flowing pantsuit and spectacularly beat face, striking poses, making faces, creating art, telling stories, and allowing the love to wash over them, as they should, because they earned it. Mx. Park has a very obvious following, not just of fans but of friends who wouldn't dare to miss one of their performances, and those not yet informed of Mason Alexander Park's particular gifts should look them up and see if there is one coming up because their shooting schedule on two different Netflix TV shows will probably inhibit their ability to perform live for a while.

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